Newcomer Learning Path

For entry level risk professionals with three or less years of experience

After completion of the following courses, entry level risk professionals will be facilitators, helping either a person or organization do something more easily and enable others to think through one or more issues. Newcomers learn risk management models/standards and understand the basic intent and outcomes of effective risk management in organizations and the link to organizational value.

RIMS Fundamentals of Risk Management Virtual Workshop

Course 1: Fundamentals of Risk Management

This workshop clarifies the dimensions of risk management and how to be a risk professional, specifically for those new to the discipline. Executives use these fundamentals to create, protect and realize enterprise value.

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RIMS Fundamentals of Insurance Virtual Workshop

Course 2: Fundamentals of Insurance

This workshop covers the basics of insurance, from insurance terms and concepts to what’s included in a policy and which types are available.

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Course 3: Introduction to Cyber Risk and ​Data Security​

This introductory self-study online course will help you identify and understand how cyber risk and data security attacks occur and what you can do to effectively minimize those risks.

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Course 4: Risk Management Techniques

This online self-study course covers the purpose, concepts, and tools of the risk management process. Emphasis is given to supporting decision making and establishing the foundation for an enterprise risk management approach.

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