Visionary Learning Path

For advanced level risk professionals with 10+ years of experience.

After completion of the following courses, executive level risk professionals will be visionaries that recognize and analyze problems and make difficult choices under uncertain conditions in dynamic global environments. Visionaries are considered experts in all of the core competencies: Business insight, integrity/ethical judgement, communication, collaboration, and consultation.

RIMS Risk Appetite Management Virtual Workshop

Course 1: Risk Appetite Management

This senior-level workshop teaches you how to navigate the complex and critical area of risk appetite management and how to develop a risk appetite framework that clarifies your company’s position on risk taking.

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Course 3: Managing Data for AI in ERM

Learn how risk management professionals can better define analytics requirements, identify data needed, evaluate data sources, identify data issues, combine and enhance data, and visualize data.

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720x360_Leveraging Data

Course 2: Leveraging Data and Analytics

Learn how you can apply leading practices to take ownership of risk data, effectively explore and promote its uses, and leverage it both internally for improved awareness and risk management.

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Managing Risk with Artificial Intelligence Virtual Workshop

Course 4: Optimizing Risk Management with Artificial Intelligence

Learn how to use AI to identify fraud, track and manage your organization’s reputation, predict financial concerns, and mitigate a variety of risks.

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